Convey Your Anniversary Greetings with Wonderful Bouquets of Flowers! New collection of Baguio Petals.

There are billions of couples that celebrates their anniversary every day. Others are having a hard time in celebrating their anniversaries because it’s hard to think what your partner wants.

However, making it elegant means you love your partner that much. Some might just want to eat in a restaurant or spend their vacation in a romantic place with the one they love.

Celebrating anniversaries is one of the traditional way of appreciating your partner’s love. But in order to make your partner feel like she’s the most beautiful girl in the world, give her a wonderful bouquet of flowers and she will love you even more.  

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Baguio Petals gladly publicize their new Anniversary Greetings Bouquet collection.    


Anniversary Flowers and Chocolate Bouquet 014

₱ 3850.00 ($ 73.67 )

The number of roses has special romantic meanings associated with them. Flowers and Chocolate the most popular of all which conveys "Be mine" and "I love you".

Anniversary Gerberas Bouquet 008

₱ 1522.00 ($ 29.12 )

The Gerbera flower will bring in sunshine and warmth into your home no matter how dark your day might seem.           

Anniversary Pink Rose 003

₱ 1290.00 ($ 24.69 )

Pink Rose are known as symbols for love and gratitude. These pink flowers also carry undertones of elegance, grace, sweetness, and poetic romance.