PhGifts in Partnership with Philflora

Flowers are well patronized because of their power to convey heartfelt human emotions and thoughts the way no other object can. They can say love, console in sorrow, congratulate in achievement, and celebrate in friendship. Whenever your feelings are too intense for words, flowers can help you express them perfectly.

          Besides conveying messages, flowers can also affect our mood and influence our emotions. According to a behavioral study, the presence of colorful flowers heightens feelings of life satisfaction, triggers happy emotions and memories, and influences social behavior in a positive manner.

          The healing properties of flowers have also been proven by scientific research. Dr. Roger Ulrich discovered that when flowers were visible to hospital patients, their need for pain medication decreased, their stress levels dropped, and their stay in the hospital were marked with an increased optimism. The positive effect flowers have on patients may have had to do with the meaning they carry – a tangible proof that someone cares about them and wishes them well.

Flowers have been used for many purposes since the dawn of civilization and are the carrier of significant meanings to other people. From birthdays to funerals, flowers will always occupy a special place in human celebrations and rituals. The next time you send flowers to someone, place as much thought and meaning to your gift as you would place money into a beautiful, well-constructed bouquet.

          With that being said, PhGifts and PhilFlora, two of the best flower shops in the Philippines, are pleased to announce that they have formed a collaboration whereby the products are made available to those who patronize from both flower shops.