Malabon Flora forgive them even if they are not sorry

Malabon Flora forgive them even if they are not sorry

“Forgive others as God forgave you”

Happy National Forgiveness Day!

We forgive others when we let go of resentment and give up any claim to be compensated for the hurt or loss we have suffered. The Bible teaches that unselfish love is the basis for true forgiveness, since love “does not keep account of the injury.

If you have trouble telling someone you are sorry and wish for forgiveness, give them a bouquet of flowers representing these emotions. Malabon Flora releases it new tulips flower bouquets collection this July 2019. Malabon Flora offers cheap fresh flower arrangements for all occasions. We offer same day flower delivery in Metro Manila in Malabon City such as Acacia, Baritan, Bayan-bayanan, Catmon, Concepcion, Dagat-dagatan, Dampalit, Flores, Hulong Duhat, Ibaba, Longos, Longos Dagat-dagatan, Maysilo, Muzon, Niuga, Panghulo, Poblacion, Potrero, San Agustin, Santolan, Tanong, Tinajeros, Tonsuya, and barangay Tugatog in Malabon City Metro Manila, Philippines.




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