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This $30 Business Bootcamp Can Help You Validate Your Idea Before Launch

Published March 8, 2021 4:12 PM

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Don't get caught by surprise; this proven process can raise your chances of success.

It may sound shocking, and yet it's true: About 90 percent of startups fail. There are many reasons why that's the case, but one of the most common is that they aren't able to effectively validate their product or idea. While your eureka business idea may sound ingenious to you, there's a lot that goes into validating if everybody else will feel the same way. It's hard work, but it's essential work — because if there isn't a real market for your idea or product, then you're doomed.

If you haven't launched a startup before or been through the trial and error of idea validation, you may need a little extra help. That's where the Idea Validation Bootcamp comes in.

From the innovators at Startups.com, the Idea Validation Bootcamp is a comprehensive course that takes an actionable approach to idea validation. It focuses on four core tenets: Research, Expert Validation, Customer Discovery and Elevator Pitch. Each of these tenets is capped off with an assignment that will help you gauge how viable your idea is in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Each week, you'll connect one-on-one with an experienced Startup Coach whose goal is to guide you through one of these core tenets. As you progress, you'll work with them to hone your idea and begin to develop a launch plan and elevator pitch for potential investors. Throughout the process, you'll have access to a community of 20,000 startup mentors and students like you, Q&A sessions and a custom Learning Management Software that gives you a centralized place to learn more, take action and engage with other students. 

Startups.com has earned the endorsement of other founders, like Nate Checketts of Rhone Apparel, who writes, "What Startups.com has built is a platform that can help you at every stage of growth."

See what they can do for your business through the Idea Validation Bootcamp. A lifetime subscription is usually $99, but you can sign up for just $29.99 today.