Flower Care Tips by Philflora


TIPS: How to Take Care of Your Flowers?

It is heartwarming when we receive flower bouquets, it may be a surprise gift from our partner, family or friends. You may want to make it last longer as much as we do. So here’s some tips how to take care and keep your flowers fresh:

1. Change the Water Every 2 - 3 days.

When you receive your beautiful flowers, you may place it in a vase that will serve as its home. Always remember that flowers drink a lot of water, like other humans, they always need to stay hydrated. Put a lot of water in the vase to make it last in 2-3 days then always check it. 

And even if it still has water, check on it and change the water frequently to prevent the bacterias that may build up in the stems. 


2. Re-cut Half Inch of Its Stems

Remove the flowers from the vase once in a while to trim the end of its stems to remove broken tissues and dry cells. These broken tissues prevent your flowers from absorbing water very well. After re-cutting the stems, fresh tissues will be exposed, with this, your flowers will absorb more water. 

Use sharp scissors or cutters when cutting the stems of your flowers to avoid smashing and damaging the stems itself. 


3. Place your Flowers in a Cool Dark Spot

Keep away your flowers from direct sunlight and high temperature areas to avoid its dehydration. Many people tend to place flowers beside windows and in direct sunlight but cut flowers are different. Direct sunlight and heat will quicken the maturity of your flowers and it will not last longer. So, place it in a cool dark spot at home. 

4. Keep Away your Fresh Flowers from Ripening Fruits

Ripening fruits releases a tiny amount of ethylene gas that will make your fresh flowers drop its petals and age them prematurely.. Placing your flowers near to these fruits, you are exposing them to this gas so better keep them away to each other.


5. Add Fresh Flower Food

When you know that you are forgetful and lazy to change the water of your flowers frequently, better to add flower food packets to its water that contains bactericide and will keep the water fresh a little longer. 

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