New Normal Valentine’s Day in Metro Manila

Valentine’s Day has always been about a quality time with your special someone. People are looking forward to this special day of love to express their love by preparing food, eating out, sending gifts and sweet surprises. Valentine’s Day is not only for couples but it can be celebrated for family, friends and even alone time. Malls, parks and restaurants are usually full and crowded.

2021 Valentines is a lot different from all other years in the century. We all know that we are in the midst of pandemic and we are in the new normal. We should be always aware of our healthy safety, that's why we are living with limitations. Our usual gatherings, celebrations, date nights, hang outs etc has changed. In today’s situation, it is better to stay at home if you don’t have any important matters outside. 

Like in any other special occasions that we usually celebrate, how will the 2021 Valentine’s Day be celebrated as we are in the New Normal? 

The New Normal Valentine’s Day may still be celebrated meaningfully. It is better to just celebrate at home or go to a place that is not that crowded. And of course, everyone should observe the proper health safety protocol for the benefit of all. 

Wearing face masks, face shield is a must most especially in public places like malls, parks and restaurants. Proper sanitizing should also be part of our everyday life not only on Valentine's Day.  Lastly, observing social distancing. Unlike in the past years, we did not care about walking, strolling and interacting with other people most especially in public places. Because that’s normal at the time but now that we are in the New Normal, social and physical distancing is must to avoid having the virus.  

Couples can eat outside because restaurants are having their own health safety measures. Before you can go inside you need to sign a contact tracing form like in other places. And also, they lessen the capacity of seats per table and they provided shields to observe the social distancing. 

No movie nights in the mall this year because cinemas are still not allowed to operate at this time. If you want to have a movie date, you can stay at home and have a Netflix and chill time. 

Wanna surprise your loved ones? It’s better to make it intimate and not to do it in public places. Your surprise can still be meaningful, sweet and romantic. If you want to have a big surprise, better to do DIY’s in a private place, either your home or hers. If your want to just surprise her in a simple way, you may send her gifts, flowers or cards. Everything is much appreciated with your genuineness and pure love. 

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