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Giving flowers as a gift on Valentine’s Day became a tradition for most people around the world. Flowers symbolizes love, passion, care, beauty and affection. Flower shops are in-demand at this season the most, even before the 14th of February. The world is really full of love, everyone wants to show their affection and love to their special someone, may it be their partners, wife, husbands, friends, parents etc. Flowers also represents equality, it is not just for women, it can also be given to men. Just advise your florists that your recipient is a man then he/she will arrange it in a manly look. 

It is important to choose the best flowers for your recipient considering what she/he prefers. Another thing is, it is best to make an advanced order for your Valentine’s Day Flower Gift at your chosen online flower delivery shop for them to secure and prioritized your order.

Take a look at these Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day:


1. Roses


Roses are the pick as gifts for Valentine’s Day especially the red ones. According to research, roses along with carnations are the sturdiest flowers, they last longer than the other flowers. Red Roses are the typical choice of lovers as the red color obviously symbolizes romantic love. If you want to give flowers to your friend, you may choose yellow roses. But if your recipient loves to receive other colors, you may choose it. 

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2. Carnations

Carnations is an adaptable flower, you can give it to your girlfriend, wife, mother, partner, friend and colleague. With its variety of colors available such as red, pink, white, purple and yellow, you can show what is your point of giving them flowers. Though, it may depends on what they like but also, it may depend on what the color symbolizes. 

Red Carnations of course for romantic love. You may send it to your wife, girlfriend or partners. Pink Carnations that show admiration and devotion may be given by suitors or secret admirers. Plus, a gift to mother that tells her that she is your first love. White roses for newly couples and newlyweds to cheers for a new beginning. Purple carnations may be for a friend and also to express your apology. Lastly, the yellow carnations that are not recommended as a flower for Valentine's Day as it symbolizes rejection and disappointment. 

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3. Gerberas

Gerbera holds the representation of cheerfulness, innocence, purity and beauty. What makes it distinctive among the other flowers is its bright and radiant variety of colors. You may give Gerbera Arrangement to someone who makes you laugh and happy. It will be a best gift to show prosperity.

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4. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are perfect to give happiness to your Valentine. Its bright yellow and open petals give cheerfulness and convey lasting love. Surely, your recipient will feel lovely after receiving it. Sunflowers known as the “Happy Flowers”.

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5. Tulips

They say that Tulips is the second best flower gift on Valentines Day next to roses. Like the other flowers, Tulip has its variety of colors that has its own representation. Generally, this flower is associated with hope, passion, comfort and true love. 

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