Benefits of Online Flower Delivery - Dangwa Flower Market



     Today, most of the things happening in the world revolve around the internet , especially now that we are facing a pandemic. Everything is happening virtually or online because it is the safest way to secure our health. But even before the pandemic, you can find everything online like clothes, food, home appliances, gifts, flowers and a lot more. 

     It is really convenient to have the things that we are looking for online like flowers that you want to give to your special someone. Finding a special gift for your loved ones will not give you stress and hassle. Here are the benefits of buying on online flower delivery shops:



     You can buy your flower with a little effort. You do not have to look and go to a far physical shop just to get your surprise gift. Online Flower Delivery Services are hassle-free and convenient, you just have to scroll and choose through your mobile phones, laptop, tablets and personal computer. And also, you can order anytime, anywhere. Most online flower shops are open 24/7 so even late at night you can order your gifts.

     In addition to this,if you want to give flowers and gifts to someone but you are far away. Ordering online flower delivery services is the best thing you can do. 



     Visiting shops online will get you wide options of flowers rather than in physical shops, you will get tired going in every shop especially if it is not near to each other. Online, if you do not like anything in one shop, you just have to browse the others for more options. Plus, you do not have to ask the price of each flower, just look at the catalogs per category  and it has all the details there. 

     You get to look at different sets of flowers at different shops all in just one sitting. How cool is that!



     When you just woke up and you just realized that there is an occasion for today but you don’t have the time to buy a gift because you are busy. Just order online! Most flower shops offer same- day- delivery, usually they have a cut-off for them to be able to prepare your order and deliver it on the same day.  



     Since most flower shops available online do not have physical shops, they most likely offer affordable yet fresh flowers. They do not make their price higher because they do not have additional bills to support their business like rental payment. 



     Lastly, booking online flower delivery services are safe and secured especially nowadays, staying at home is safer. Also, you can choose your payment method that you want to. If you want to be cashless to avoid having physical contact with the courier, you may choose it; this is the best option when you make a delivery to surprise someone. 




     Dangwa Flower Market is an online flower shop that has been operating for more than 5 years. We offer varieties of flower arrangements like flower bouquet, flower basket, flower casket, flower stand and flower wreath and more. With our flower arrangements, we are able to connect people all over the world to the Philippines. Different people order flower bouquets to be delivered in any point of the Philippines. We do have types of flowers for delivery like Roses, Carnation, Gerbera, Stargazer, Tulips and Sunflower. Compared to other flower delivery services, you can freely customize your bouquet according to the taste of your loved ones. You can choose a distinct arrangement based on the kind of flower, the number of flower stems, and more. You can add different add-ons like stuff toys and chocolate. Our expert florists only choose the best flowers for delivery. Our expert delivery team will ensure that your flower bouquet will be delivered and appreciated.

     We accept advanced orders and same - day - delivery. Click here to visit our website to order and for more details and also, our Facebook page at